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let us create your Making an impact at first sight IDENTITY
A   well   designed   logo   ensures   to   aid   and   promote   instant   public   recognition. A   logo   design   is   either   purely   graphic   (symbols/icons) or is composed of the name of the organization (a logotype or word-mark). Your logo design acts as your company’s identity, and therefore, it should speak for itself, making an impact at first sight.   A great logo design, along with professionally designed stationery (letterhead, business card...) can take your company to the next level.   Let    us    create    a    professional    logo    design    and    stationery    design    for    your    company    that    forms    a    memorable    and    lasting impression. Cost:   Between   R100   -   R500,    depending   on   the   complexity   of   the   design   and   if   it   is   from   scratch   or   a   pre-designed   template.   Click   on   the quotation button for a prompt response with an exact quote for your perusal.



These   are   pre-designed   logo   templates   /   ideas.   These   Logo   designs   are   all   customisable   to   suit   your   colour   /   font   /   layout   / images and other needs to match your identity or that of your company.
Please   Note:   The   display   resolution   of   these   logos   is   low   to   improve   web   upload   speed.   If   you   want   to   see   a   specific   logo template in a higher resolution contact us. Your final design will be of the highest quality and standard. We provide a unique logo design from scratch  or you can choose from fully customizable pre-designed logos.
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