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Web   Design    - A   page   is   equal   to   an A4   paper   size.   We   prefer   to   build   from   scratch   but   can use   templates   if   it   is   a   customer   requirement.We   can   source   content   for   your   website,   but   to save   costs   and   time   we   prefer   that   the   customer   provide   us   with   the   relevant   content   for their website. Website    Updating    -    All    our    website    management    packages    include    3    hours    of    free updating   per   month.   Should   you   prefer   not   to   take   a   management   package   and   only   want your web to be designed then you will pay per hour for any future changes / updates. Website   Maintenance    -   We   monitor   your   website   on   a   frequent   basis   to   ensure   that   it   is always   up   and   running.   We   do   small   "cosmetic"   changes   to   keep   it   always   fresh   on   a regular basis. SEO   Services   (Search   Engine   Optimization)    -   We   structure   your   website   to   make   it easier   for   search   engines   (Google,Yahoo,Bing...)   easier   to   navigate   and   to   understand   your website.   Our   search   engine   optimization   services   will   ensure   that   your   rankings   will   improve in   the   search   engines   and   will   make   you   more   visible   to   customers   seeking   your   product   or services. Website   Hosting   -   All   our   management   packages   include   website   hosting.   We   also   offer hosting   separate   from   web   design   should   you   only   require   hosting   services   for   your   web   or e-mail accounts.


As     a     leading     South     Africa     web     design company     we    offer    p rofessional    web    design services. As   a   reliable   web   design   company   that    offers affordable       and       functional       web       design services,     we    can    assure    you    of    the    highest professional standards. It   is   important   to   keep   your   website   updated   and "fresh"    all    the    time.    Our    affordable    website design     services     will     assist     in     this     regard because   your   website   is   not   a   once-off   project   it is an ongoing marketing tool.
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