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WHY DO I NEED A WEBSITE? You   should   at   the   very   least   have   a   presence   on   the   web   so   that   customers,   potential employees,   business   partners   and   perhaps   even   investors   can   quickly   and   easily   find   out more about your business and the products or services you have to offer.   It   doesn't   matter   if   you're   a   one-man   show   or   a   1000-employee   corporate   giant,   if   you don't have a website, you're losing business to other companies that do. DO I NEED A LOCAL WEB DESIGNER? Not   really,   you   are   effectively   in   contact   with   us   from   all   over   the   world   via   e-mail   so   we can assist you in every aspect without any problems. I   WANT   TO   MIGRATE   TO   YOUR   HOSTING   SERVICES   FROM   MY   CURRENT   HOSTING COMPANY, WHAT MUST I DO? Just   get   in   contact   with   us   via   e-mail   support,   and   we   will   assist   you   to   move   over   your website content and your domain name (not always necessary) painless. WILL YOU DESIGN MY WEBSITE ALTHOUGH I AM HOSTING WITH SOMEONE ELSE? YES   -   No   problem,      after   completion   of   your   website   we   can   upload   it   for   you   as   soon   as   you provide   us   with   your   ftp   (File   Transfer   Protocol)   login   details   (username   and   password)   with your hosting company. WHAT DOES VISITORS WANT FROM A WEBSITE?   Useful   relevant   information   about   your   services   and   products   these   are   the   main   reason people   visits   websites. A   website   must   be   professionally   designed   for   your   product   or   service so that people can one glance  can obtain the information of what your business offers.   HOW FANCY / FUNKY SHOULD MY WEBSITE BE? It   all   depends   on   your   product   or   service.   In   general   you   don't   need   a   lot   of   heavy   graphics, flashing   objects,   videos,   audio,   which   in   any   way   slows   down   your   upload   speed   of   your website   /   webpage.   Visitors   might   find   this   fascinated   in   the   first   few   seconds   thereafter   it might   irritate   some.   Remember   the   main   focus   of   your   website   should   be   the   way   that you represent your business (services and products). A   good   clean   professionally   designed   website   delivers   more   results    than   one   that   has   a lot of graphics and says nothing, remember people wants useful information.
WHAT ARE WEB AND E-MAIL HOSTING AND WHY DO I NEED IT? Web   hosting   services   allow   individuals   and   organizations   to   make   their   own   website   and   personalized   e-mail   account/s   accessible   via   the World Wide Web. Without hosting nobody has access to your website and can't communicate with you.   Your   information   /   files   are   stored   on   a   web   host   server   for   people   to   access   it   over   the   internet.   It   is   important   to   choose   a   hosting   server provider who can guarantee and deliver your presence 99.9% of the times. WHAT IS A DOMAIN? Your   domain   name   acts   as   your   identification   card   on   the   web,   since   you   can   choose   a   name   who   represents   your   business,   your   family name,    or    anything    else    that    can    be    remembered    easily    and    associated    with    you.    Our    domain    names    are    uniquewebs.co.za    and uniquewebs.com. WHAT IS A URL? URL   stands   for   "universal   resource   locator",   it   is   the   address   typed   into      a   web   browser   (Firefox,   Internet   Explorer,   Google   Chrome.......)   to view   your   web   page   on   the   Internet.   For   example,   you   would   type   in   http://www.uniquewebs.co.za   or   http://www.uniquewebs.com   to access our websites. WHAT IS A SEARCH ENGINE? A   web   search   engine   is   designed   to   search   for   information   on   the   World   Wide   Web   and   FTP   servers.   The   search   results   are   generally presented   in   a   list   of   results   and   are   often   called   hits.   The   information   may   consist   of   web   pages,   images,   information   and   other   types   of files.   The three most popular search engines are:  1) Google 2) Yahoo 3) Bing WHAT IS A DNS (DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM / NAME SERVER)? DNS   server   is   where   the   computer   goes   to   translate   a   web   address   (http://www.uniquewebs.com)   that   you   type   in   into   a   series   of   numbers and go to that IP (Internet Protocol) address (eg. 70.256.325.65). You   can   type,   for   example,   http//:70.256.325.65   and   it   will   take   you   to   http://www.uniquewebs.com   because   it   is   the   same.   Humans   use readable   names   like   "uniquewebs.com"   because   it   is   easier   to   remember   then   70.256.325.65,   but   not   PC's,   they   work   with   numbers   (IP addresses). Your   website   address   will   point   to   the   IP   address   /   DNS   of   your   hosting   company   where   your   web   files   are   hosted   for   access   to the world wide web (internet).   Remember   you   need   to   inform   your   domain   registrar   if   you   change   from   hosting   companies   what   the   new   DNS   /   name-server   address   is   of the new hosting company.   WHAT IS A DOMAIN REGISTRAR? A   domain   name   registrar   manages   the   reservation   of   Internet   Domain   Names   in   accordance   with   the   guidelines   of   the   designated   domain name registries. WHAT IS SEO? Search   engine   optimization   (SEO)   is   the   process   of   improving   the   visibility   of   a   website   or   a   web   page   in   search   engines   (Google,   Yahoo, Bing .....) via the "natural" or un-paid way. SEO   is   a   long   term   but   permanent   process   to   ensure   visibility   of   your   website   in   the   search   engines   and   depend   on   a   well   optimized website or web page. A few key factors for an optimized website or web page are keywords / key phrases, titles, page descriptions. WHAT IS PPC? Pay   per   click   (PPC)   is   an   internet   advertising   model   used   on   websites,    where   advertisers   pay   when   their   ad   is   clicked.   With   search engines,   advertisers   typically   bid   on   keyword   phrases   relevant   to   their   target   market.   Content   sites   commonly   charge   a   fixed   price   per   click rather than use a bidding system.   PPC   assists   a   great   deal   in   advertising   your   business   in   a   very   short   period   of   time   and   assists   also   with   SEO   (page   ranking)   much   quicker than SEO on its own. WHAT ARE BACK-LINKS? Backlinks   are   incoming   links   to   a   website   or   web   page.   The   number   of   backlinks   is   one   indication   of   the   popularity   or   importance   of that website or web page. This, for example, is used by Google to determine the PageRank of a webpage.   Outside   of   SEO,   the   back   links   of   a   web   page   may   be   of   significant   personal,   cultural   or   semantic   interest:   they   indicate   who   is   paying attention to that page.   Beware   of   the   quality   of   your   back   links   as   this   can   also   have   a   negative   impact   in   the   page   ranking   on   the   search   engines.   Refrain   from link   buying   or   link   exchanging   if   it   is   not   of   absolute   quality   and   not   directly   relevant   to   you   or   your   business.   10   High   rank   back   links   are better than a 1000 insignificant ones. Links from another site can be harmful if they link to penalized sites. WHAT IS PAGE RANKING? Page   Rank   is   a   numeric   value   from   0   -   10   that   represents   how   important   a   page   is   on   the   web.    Page   Rank   is   Google's   way   of deciding   a   page's   importance.   It   matters   because   it   is   one   of   the   factors   that   determines   a   page's   ranking   in   the   search   results.   It   isn't   the only factor that Google uses to rank pages, but it is an important one. WHY DON’T I SEE MY WEBSITE IN THE SEARCH ENGINES? Once   your   site   has   been   submitted   to   the   top   Search   Engines   (Google,   Yahoo,   Bing)   they   may   require   several   weeks,   or   even months   to   actually   crawl   and   list   your   web   site   in   their   directory.   How   fast   your   site   is   listed   depends   on   each   individual   Search   Engines database update schedule.   Watch   your   server   traffic   logs   for   visiting   spiders.   We   suggest   you   use   Guaranteed   Search   Engine   Submit   ("Traffic   Blazer   Software").   Your site can be listed on AOL, MSN, Overture in a couple of days. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PAGE VIEWS AND HITS? A   page   view   is   each   time   a   visitor   views   a   page   on   your   website,   regardless   of   how   many   hits   are   generated.   Pages   are   comprised   of   files. Every   image   in   a   page   is   a   separate   file.   When   a   visitor   looks   at   a   page   (a   page   view),   they   may   see   numerous   images,   graphics,   pictures, etc. and generate multiple hits.   If   you   have   a   page   with   10   pictures,   then   a   request   to   a   server   to   view   that   page   generates   11   hits   (10   for   the   pictures,   and   one   for   the   html file). A   page   view   can   contain   hundreds   of   hits.   This   is   the   reason   that   we   measure   page   views   and   not   hits.   Hits   are   not   a   reliable   way   to measure website traffic. WHAT IS A  UNIQUE VISITOR? A   unique   visitor   is   a   statistic   describing   a   unit   of   traffic   to   a   website,   counting   each   visitor   only   once   in   the   time   frame   (eg.24hrs.)   of   the report.  WHY IS MY WEBSITE / WEB PAGE OPENING SO SLOW? This has properly 100's of answers and reasons.   Thorough   assessment   of   your   site   will   expose   them   and   allow   you   to   take   corrective   measures.   The   suggestions   here   are   only   a   sample of possible causes for slow loading web pages: Overloaded servers Slow internet connections (normally from internet service provider side) Some      pages      are      slow   because   of      their      content.     A         page      made      up      of   text   will      be   faster      to   load   than      a   site   made      up   of   large photographs or a large amount of flash objects. Poor      website   optimisation,      by   using      large   images,   choosing      the      wrong      image   formats      for      jobs   and   the   unnecessary use of video and audio Slow dial-up connection such as a 56k modem. Slow outdated computer I CAN’T ACCESS / RECEIVE / SEND E-MAILS, WHAT IS WRONG? Check for the following possible cause: Verify      that      the   settings   (incoming      and      outgoing      mail      server   names,   account      username      and      password)      used         in         your      e-mail client program are correct Ensure that your internet connection is active and that everything is fine from your internet service provider’s side. Ensure that the mail-server at your hosting firm is up and running. Ensure that your modem and PC are working 100% and that all network cables are connected and functioning.
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